Thousands of recycled and bio-based plastic options, one source

Ambio makes recycled and bio-based plastic procurement simple for manufacturers. We’ll find the best option for your product and production from our pool of trusted suppliers.

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Expert in sustainable plastics procurement

Trusted supplier network

Ambio partners up with the best sustainable plastic suppliers in Europe to ensure our selection has what you need

Dedication to sustainable plastics

Our team of experts is strictly focused on solving the unique challenges of recycled and bio-based plastics procurement

Sourcing Platform

Ambio’s digital tools help you save time and effort in the procurement process and make smarter material choices

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Tell us what you are looking for

If the world was perfect, what kind of sustainable plastics would you need? Fill an RFQ or send us a message

Compare your alternatives

We will go through our supplier network and deliver a comprehensive analysis of your options and handle samples and logistics

Our success guarantee

If we can’t find a suitable material alternative for you, using Ambio’s services is completely free of charge

Ambio for suppliers

Grow your sales

Reach an international network of pre-qualified buyers actively looking to buy sustainable plastics, and receive curated RFQs based on your offering

Improved efficiency

We handle logistics and samples, and help you with for example raw material sourcing, testing, and product documentation

Personalized approach

Whether you’d just like curated RFQs or a deeper partnership with Ambio, we personalize each collaboration to fit your needs

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